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International guest and also part of our yoga teacher training 'trees and stories' is Geoff Brooks.

We are very glad he visits Yoga Villa Steyr during his Europe tour.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity!


​Geoff Brooks has designed this yoga teacher training for those wishing to dig deeper in their yoga practice.

This training is designed for those who want to become more intimate with their practice and themselves through Yoga. This courses addresses the gap between standard classes at studios and advancing your personal practice from the perspectives of both teaching and attending the classes.

Geoff created this course in response to many students who say, “I’ve done a YTT/been practicing for many years yet no one has shown me this. Where do I learn more?” Also for those who conducted an online teacher training this is a great add-on in real life.

What to expect?

Hatha Yoga, a key aspect of the Yogic system, is the foundation of most yoga styles practiced in the modern era. It involves scientific processes developed over thousands of years and is traditionally taught from teacher to student in a very detailed manner. This course breaks down the absolute essentials for delivering and practicing yoga and explains it in a way that is easily digestible and complete.

This course is broken down into:

1. Hatha Theory

2. Hatha Practice

3. Pranayama & Meditation

- What is felt? How is it expressed?
- How can it be presented? And taught?
- Workshop specific elements as they arise

Why take this course?

- TO EXPERIENCE AUTHENTIC YOGA, based upon clear intention rather than marketing hype and fluff
- To experience and comprehend how the vital ingredients of yoga create a truly life altering practice by regulating stress levels in the body
- To unleash the deepest practice your body is safely capable of
- To become more proficient in your own practice
- To teach with greater authority and confidence
- To develop body and movement habits which invigorate and revitalize your being



You will spend 8 hours per day with Geoff, pre-work in writing and practise with pre-recorded videos. On 31.12. we finish earlier..


Screen+Shot+2020-09-02+at+10.35.07 (1).png


27. - 31.12. 2021
8.30 – 12.30 Uhr & 13.30 - 19.00 Uhr
(31.12. kürzere Pause & Ende 16.00

mit Covid Sicherheitspaket - Info einholen bei uns

€ 1.100


Yoga Villa Steyr

Leopold Werndl Straße 18

4400 Steyr


Anmeldung Herbst 2020

Wir freuen uns von Herzen diese ganz besonderen Stunden mit dir gemeinsam zu erleben.

Die Plätze für die Masterclasses sind limitiert, daher schnell anmelden und mit dabei sein.

Einfach E-Mail an schicken.

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