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20h Pranayama with Geoff Brooks Video

Flexible Zeiteinteilung

  • Beginnt am: 1. Juni
  • Ab 210 Euro
  • Leopold-Werndl-Straße

Freie Plätze


Unlock the Full Potential of Breath Work with our Online Course Discover the incredible benefits of breath work practices and unlock their profound impact on your well-being. At trees and stories, we believe that the true power of breath work lies in understanding its foundation and purpose. That's why our Online Course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to create a strong foundation for your practice. With this solid foundation, you can maximize the effectiveness of your InPerson course experience. Our Online Course offers you the opportunity to practice breath work at your own pace and convenience. Dive into the fundamentals of breath work, understand the reasons behind each technique, and discover how it can be tailored to suit your specific needs and goals. By mastering these vital elements beforehand, you will embark on your InPerson course with confidence, knowing exactly why and how you are practicing. Termin Details: Videos verfügbar ab 1.6.2024 18h video hours 2h pre-work Open for all levels (don't be shy :) - you can do it) Diese Ausbildung wird von Geoff Brooks geleitet. Standard-Preis: 260€ (Zahlung bei Buchung) Alumni Preis: 210€ Unterrichtssprache: Englisch Diese Ausbildung richtet sich an Yogalehrer:innen sowie an Praktizierende mit großem Interesse an Yoga (nicht Yogalehrer: innen). Yogalehrer:innen erhalten ein Zertifikat welches bei der Yoga Alliance als Weiterbildungsstunden Nachweis eingereicht werden kann. Nicht Yogalehrer:innen erhalten ein Teilnahmezertifikat.


  • Leopold-Werndl-Straße 18, Steyr, Österreich

    +43 7252 24701

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