Graceful & Authentic with Geoff Brooks

16.Mai - 05.Juni 2022⁠

  • Beginnt am: 16. Juni
  • ab 480€
  • Leopold-Werndl-Straße 18, 4400 Steyr, Österreich


What's in for me? How do you feel right now? Overwhelmed? Out of balance? Confused? Do you wish you had more energy and feel more excited about your life? Maybe you have been caring for everyone else more than yourself and feeling now losing yourself? Here is the good news: You are not alone! Are you ready to get to know the most genuine and authentic version of yourself? The version of you who is feeling graceful for yourself. Here is what we can do together: In this workshop we will extend the physical experience from your yoga asana praxis to another level. Its underlying secret is how the philosophy binds together the physical, mental and energetic practices in order to experience all the flavors of life with gracefulness and authenticity. Geoff has taken this wisdom from his years of yoga practice, refinement and teaching. He is sharing these with thousands of people over many years and created this "Self Immersion". Experienced in two separate parts. This workshop will help you to become aware of the things which hold you back from truly being “YOU”. Geoff provides you with a toolset using ancient and modern wisdoms which support your journey along the way. The workshop is divided in two parts: The first part is 7 days of self-practice. Therefore, you will receive a journal with instructions and inspirations, daily online practices and helpful materials for your personal journaling experience. This first part helps you to find a deeper connection with yourself through daily Satsang – a time of self-contemplation. The second part is a 3-day in-person workshop into Asana, Pranayama and Meditation practices which provide your mind and body the fuel and fully understand what is behind all the “layers” and “who is you”. *** For the Yoga Teachers among us there is a 4th day add-on (June 19) which is specific to using these skills and sharing them in the class or training environment. Geoff has created this add-on specifically to give you the skills to express yourself beyond language - something he has done for many years to many different people of differing languages in many different cultures and countries. Wann: 16.06. - 18. oder 19. 06. 2022 plus 1 week of self-paced pre-work and journaling Wieviel: € 480,– I € 550.- (add-on day for yoga teachers) Anmeldung:


  • Leopold-Werndl-Straße 18, Steyr, Österreich

    +43 7252 24701